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About Figjam Caregivers LLC

Hello, my name is Crystal Albery and I am the owner of Figjam Caregivers. I have been a caregiver for twenty-seven years. Geez, that tells my age. I have worked in facilities, hospitals, nursing homes and home health. I found my love of caregiving when I was growing up and watched my mother take care of my grandmother. I knew then that I wanted to be a nurse, so I enrolled in a caregiver's class as a prerequisite for nursing school and I have been a caregiver since then. I thought as a nurse you lose the ability to get to know the person you are taking care of since nurses have all sorts of demands. Caregivers have more availability to take the time to actually get to know the person they are caring for.

How Figjam Caregivers started

Figjam Caregivers was founded February 2021. I had a client that I took care of for five years who inspired me to open this business. He was a Huntington's patient, and his wife was his main caregiver at the time. She was beyond stressed and needed help with her husband so that is where I came in. He was a very strong successful willed man. Matter of fact one day he stated to me "I am kind of important just google me." Well, I did, and this man had accomplished many things in his lifetime. We bonded over his dogs and Starbucks. I stuck it out with him through all his good days and his bad days. He never did complain, he always put his family, friends, and "his girls" first. Seeing what he and his wife were going through I realized that there a huge need for home healthcare so that your loved ones can stay at home as long as possible surrounded by the things they love the most. I hope that myself along with my staff can provide you with the same love and care that he and his family provided me. Our slogan is "Family Caring for Family."

Services Provided

Figjam Caregivers provide services such as light housekeeping, running errands like doctors appointments and grocery runs, companionship, and day to day activities. We are available for overnight stays, respite care, daily acute care, and end of life companionship. We strive to accommodate all your needs and if we cannot, we will guide you to someone who can. We provide a lot of care with Trellis Supportive Care clients. Unfortunate this is what happens in our little world of caregiving, so we accommodate families to help with the ease of passing and the comfort for their loved one. Family taking care of Family.

I hope to continue to post blogs frequently. I am quite new to this. I hope to provide information of upcoming events, staff news, educational information, and events. You can subscribe to get all updated information. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please let me know. Just bear with me as I am learning all about this blog thing.

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