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Well, that didn't work....

Well life got busy, and I did not follow through with the blogging. I told you guys I was new at this whole thing. From the last time I posted a blog lots of things have happened. We have hired 5 new caregivers, lost a few clients due to illnesses, and picked up two 24-hour clients, that is where I have been. When we have openings like that my assistant and I go into the field to help our caregivers out. I always say if I expect my caregivers to go out and help that I am not too proud to go out and bust tale like they do. Afterall without them I wouldn't have a thriving business.

I think I am going to try, key word there "try" to post employee of the month and a little back story on their hobbies etc. each month. We have so many GREAT caregivers it is hard to pick just one. Let's just say we have employee of the month picked out through August. Many of our caregivers have really stepped up and helped us out by picking up some overtime. I am blessed to have such great staff.

Events this month we will be wrapping up The Longest Day for the Alzheimer's association. We raised more than last year but not quite close to our goal of $4,000. As of today, we have raised $1,180. Our next Alzheimer event is our Walk in November. Each of you are invited to join our team and walk with us. It is an amazing thing to see in person. I work with dementia clients on a daily basis but to actually see so many people place that flower in the ground is heartbreaking. Maybe one day there will a cure.

The Fairy Walk will be going on June 24th and Figjam will be participating again this year with finding the fairy keys and my niece will be here putting on fairy make-up. It was a sight to see with all the little fairies coming into the office looking for the keys. The entire town of Mocksville will be participating. Last year there was over 500 people to participate. I hope to see you.

Well, I guess this is enough rambling for today. I have an interview, work in the field, and hopefully a quick nap before going back in tonight. Like I have said before this blogging is new to me so if you read this feel free to make suggestions on what type things to post about, I am always open to suggestions. See you soon and check back for updates.

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